Episode -11 Ufff Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Bacche

Childhood may be defined as the most innocent phase of our lives, where we are free from every kind of worldly idiotic stress. In fact, children are capable of relieving us from that stress.

Time has changed, we have changed and so have kids. Every now and then, we compare the kids of successive generations and conclude that technology has spoiled the kids and while doing so, we don’t realise that the onus is on Us to make them embrace their innocence.

It’s time to make amends to the wrongs we have done. and HOW ??? LISTEN to find out.

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4 thoughts on “Episode -11 Ufff Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Bacche

  • Marvelous….. presentation very nice….the topics that you choose in different episodes are appreciating…..this is not the story of single or a particular family but this is happening in almost all families……. waiting for next episode……stay blessed …… stay healthy.

    • It is really very useful for all parents…
      We really not apply our mind how to control gadgets ediction of our children…
      This is very smart and easy way to make children happy and connected..

  • Very real situation. Children imitate us most of the times. We can expect them to be away from gadgets if we are deeply involved in the use of gadgets. Charity begins at home. We must be an example for our children.

  • Very true said children don’t listen to us always but they sure do copy us. All points are absolutely correct for all parents. We are actually making their world small . There is a big need for them to explore and imagine things from their perspective. Looking forward to ur story tokri and will surely make my son listen to it. Always enjoy ur all episodes.

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