Kaveri and The Thief – By Sudha Murthy

This is one interesting story from the book ‘Grandma’s bag of stories’ by Sudha Murthy, the renowned author known for her impeccable style of writing. The story is about a woman named Kaveri who is smart and hard working. On the other hand, the other character in story, the thief, is an idiot who gets Read more about Kaveri and The Thief – By Sudha Murthy[…]

Episode 09 – Doctor Sahab ka Safarnama

 A famous saying goes – “A Doctor’s profession is the only one which works unceasingly to annihilate itself”. A Doctor’s profession has been considered a very reputed and respected one since ages and a great number of parents in India want their children to be one. But the journey of a medical student is Read more about Episode 09 – Doctor Sahab ka Safarnama[…]