StoryTokri – Ramayan Part II

In last episode of Ramayan, we heard how Kaikeyi asked Dashrath to send Ram to exile for 14 years. In this episode, you will get to know what followed after.

Surpanakha instigated Raavan to take revenge on Ram and Lakshman for insulting her. Raavan was too curious to marry Sita after hearing how beautiful she was. He decided to abduct her with Marich’s help and succeded in doing so. Raavan takes Sita back to Lanka and Ram-Lakshman set out in her search. They met Hanuman who introduced them to Sugriva, the monkey King. Hanuman flew over ocean to Lanka to meet Sita in ashok vatika where she was held captive. Hanuman assured her that Ram would come for her rescue and while departing set Lanka on fire. But the problem remained. How to cross the vast ocean with such a big army.

Listen to this account of Sita’s abduction and Ram’s efforts to find her.




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