Maa – Taken for Granted

Maa, the most meaningful word in entire universe.

Mother is Annapurna, Sankat Mochak and Saraswati. But as we grow up, we start taking her for granted. Busy in our lives, we sometimes unknowingly hurt her. The irony is, she never feels hurt. That’s Mother.

3 thoughts on “Maa – Taken for Granted

  • Reality of life that mother is taken forgranted……it aptly said that God can not reach everywhere so he created moms

  • A mother is a mother. She is supreme. Sometimes we say more mother. Yes, all take her for granted. We should honour mothers. A nice depiction of ironical behaviour of people in present scenario.

  • No words to appreciate this one. I hope all of us will rethink about this that we actually do this somehow unknowingly .
    Great job dear.

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