Jo Na Samjhe Woh Anadi Hain

Air Quality is getting worse everywhere. In India, the festive season of Diwali brings lots of joy but also brings a scary threat of suffocating pollution. Though everyone knows the perils of celebration in form of bursting crackers, people still consider celebration incomplete without them. This pollution is adversely affecting the health of children but even knowing the grave outcomes people are not deferring from the use of crackers. In this episode, we will try to show such people the mirror.

3 thoughts on “Jo Na Samjhe Woh Anadi Hain

  • Good deliberation on the issue. It can educate children that crackers and fireworks are really harmful to the whole generation. The message is very clear. A nice effort for the sake of humanity.

  • Listened it quite late but ur way of explaining was really effective. Its high time to take steps to reduce air pollution for better future of our children.

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