Episode 08 – Mazedaar Rishtedaar


Relatives make our lives liveable. They give a sense of completion to our existence. We share different bonding with each of them which varies from individual to individual but there are some relatives who share more or less common characteristics and that’s what makes them interesting.

In this episode, we are going to talk about few of them.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 08 – Mazedaar Rishtedaar

  • Dear Sneha, the episode is really very realistic. It happens in Indian Society, very predominantly. It reminded me the movie “Atithee tum kab aaogay”. The episode provides a sense of humour. Keep it up.

  • Dr sahab real story of joint families. At that time advantages were more than disadvantages but today all are preferring to live alone and no interference wants in life. Very good style of expressing your views. God bless you.

  • These are the realities that you are expressing and narrating in the form of stories….you are really genius……no comparison…..you have gone very deep in each and every field that you are expressing….. melodious voice is making them more tastier ……. good luck and stay blessed

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