Episode 05 – Rahul Gandhi ke Aloo aur Hamari Santra Bua

Could you ever imagine anyone giving statements that are more hilarious than Rahul Gandhi’s? Well, no need to imagine anymore. Here, we present the new sensation in town, SANTRA BUA, who is desi not just by heart but her swag too. And Listeners, do check your shirts and trousers, you might find politics there.   Read more about Episode 05 – Rahul Gandhi ke Aloo aur Hamari Santra Bua[…]

Episode 04- Ek Shaurya Gaatha Aisi Bhi

Jai Hind…Jai Hind ki Sena A must-listen story of valour of Indian brave hearts in 1962 Sino-India war. A story every Indian should know. Want to get instant WHATSAPP  updates ????  Save our Whatsapp number +917011872471  in your contacts as Desi @ Heart & send ‘Start’  

Episode 02 – Naya Paisa

What will you do if you become the owner of a few crores overnight? Will you invest it or do what most people do; spending without planning? How will you cope with the expectations of the so called ‘high society’? Will you change or bring about the change? Let’s see what happened to some contenders? Read more about Episode 02 – Naya Paisa[…]

Episode 01 – Paisa Yeh Kaisa

We love money and that’s an eternal truth. There is no denying in the fact that possession of money brings a feeling of security and confidence but it also brings stress with it. In this episode, we discuss how life was fun when people had less money or rather less care for money. Lifestyle was Read more about Episode 01 – Paisa Yeh Kaisa[…]