Bas Yun Hi – 02

In part 2 of Bas Yun Hi, a series of selected poems, we present two acclaimed poems namely, Kaise Ho Dwarkadhish by Surendra Sharma and Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal by Tanveer Gaazi.

Kaise ho Dwarkadhish is a dialogue between Krishna and Radha where Radha explains Krishna’s transformation from Kaanha to Dwarkadhish.

Tu Khud Ki Khoj Mein Nikal, is an arousing poem where the poet asks women to set off for self-discovery and not letting anyone suppress them.

2 thoughts on “Bas Yun Hi – 02

  • hey my son was waiting for his story but it this episode came up a happy bundle package for my mom n me ….thanks it’s lovely

  • Both the porms are marvellous, heart touching and with befitting morals. One teaches the importance of love, care and creation ; the other poem is an inspiring and motivational. Nice effort.

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