Kaveri and The Thief – By Sudha Murthy

This is one interesting story from the book ‘Grandma’s bag of stories’ by Sudha Murthy, the renowned author known for her impeccable style of writing. The story is about a woman named Kaveri who is smart and hard working. On the other hand, the other character in story, the thief, is an idiot who gets Read more about Kaveri and The Thief – By Sudha Murthy[…]

StoryTokri – Ramayan Part II

 In last episode of Ramayan, we heard how Kaikeyi asked Dashrath to send Ram to exile for 14 years. In this episode, you will get to know what followed after. Surpanakha instigated Raavan to take revenge on Ram and Lakshman for insulting her. Raavan was too curious to marry Sita after hearing how beautiful Read more about StoryTokri – Ramayan Part II[…]

Episode -11 Ufff Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Bacche

 Childhood may be defined as the most innocent phase of our lives, where we are free from every kind of worldly idiotic stress. In fact, children are capable of relieving us from that stress. Time has changed, we have changed and so have kids. Every now and then, we compare the kids of successive Read more about Episode -11 Ufff Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Bacche[…]

Episode 10 – Men are from Mars, Women are from Earth

The most fundamental reason behind the differences and problems between men and women is the psychological difference between the two. Author John Gary wrote the bestseller ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus‘ explaining this contrast and becoming a classic guide to surviving the opposite sex. (CLICK on the link above to enjoy this Read more about Episode 10 – Men are from Mars, Women are from Earth[…]

Episode 09 – Doctor Sahab ka Safarnama

 A famous saying goes – “A Doctor’s profession is the only one which works unceasingly to annihilate itself”. A Doctor’s profession has been considered a very reputed and respected one since ages and a great number of parents in India want their children to be one. But the journey of a medical student is Read more about Episode 09 – Doctor Sahab ka Safarnama[…]

Episode 08 – Mazedaar Rishtedaar

  Relatives make our lives liveable. They give a sense of completion to our existence. We share different bonding with each of them which varies from individual to individual but there are some relatives who share more or less common characteristics and that’s what makes them interesting. In this episode, we are going to talk Read more about Episode 08 – Mazedaar Rishtedaar[…]